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Meet the Teachers of Music Together 916 Valley 

We are passionate about sharing the joy of music with children and families in the Elk Grove/Sacramento area!

All teachers have successfully completed the live Music Together® Teacher Training, which is built on research in early childhood and music development. We keep our skills fresh through workshops every semester and advanced trainings offered by Music Together Worldwide.

photo Katy Porray
Katy has been interested in Music Together for years, and is thrilled to share her joy of music with families in Elk Grove!  
Katy's favorite memories are from making music with her family when she was growing up.  Her dad had a bag full of rhythm instruments from around the world.  Her parents would sing any song they could think of, and Katy and her brothers would sing and play along.  For her, music has always been something that people make together - not a performance, but something to participate in.  As a Montessori teacher, first in China and recently in Sacramento, Katy loved incorporating music and movement activities with children every day.  Katy is a registered and trained Music Together teacher.  She is looking forward to creating joyful spaces for families to make music together in Elk Grove!
  Hope Savage

An award-winning Singer-Songwriter, Hope was raised in a large household of music
and musical instruments, eventually teaching myself to play rhythm guitar and, in my
early teens, singing with a group of four girls, four part harmony to folk music classics
and the popular hippy music of the times, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Neil Young, James
Taylor, etc.
She taught her own two children a to love and participate in musical activities, with lots
of singing, crashing pots and pans together and making up songs. Hope shared her
love of music with the children at the parent participation K-8 school her children
When her grandchildren came along, it was so easy to see their musical inclinations
and meet them where they were. My first grandchild, Eliza, came to many Hopeful
Romantics shows and family-friendly open mics where she often joined me on stage,
clapping in time and singing the words she could pronounce. She had come to feel
musicians are her people, and lead “You Are My Sunshine.” She now plays guitar and
her younger sister plays ukulele.
Through her experience with her own children and grandchildren, Hope know the
importance of a caregiver model, and the fun and pleasure of family and community
music making. It will be a joy gently guide parents and children as they become
confident and enthusiastic music makers through this incredible program.

photo Alfredo Aguayo

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, was surrounded by a music driven and dancing family and community. He learned  traditional rhythms carried over by his family at a young age. Having a founded love for cultural arts, he became a professional dancer and performer in Mexican Ballet Folklorico Ixcuintla, participating in prominent city, televised and annual events.

While studying at SFSU in the field of Sociology, he began a career in youth advocacy and development, working in summer camps, group homes and Afterschool programs. Exposure to San Francisco counter culture and arts scene, he found himself in collaboration with music artists in vasts of genres including the blues, jazz, son cubano, son jarocho, hip hop and rock.

  East Bay Music Together Staff

Class will be taught by one of the many experienced teachers at East Bay Music Together